Diecast toy cars, trucks, tractors along with other vehicles happen to be well-liked by boys of every age group for a long time. It may be difficult to believe but diecast toy cars have been in existence because the early 30’s. These early vehicles were not made to resemble a particular vehicle or truck but were just fundamental vehicles with hardly any detail.

Diecast toy vehicles were first created in England and also the USA in early 1900s. It was the start of that which was to get probably the most popular toys ever. Diecast toys are actually collected by thousands of people, people of all ages, around the globe.

The first diecast models were quite simple, featuring only a colored metal body without any interior fittings whatsoever. These were regrettably produced from poor quality cast metal alloys which generally didn’t stand the ages. These poor alloys become brittle as time passes and progressively deteriorate and crumble. Because of this early die cast toys in the first quarter from the last century are very scarce today.